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Gotham Knights will allow casino slot online halo69 players to co-op as the same character – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be doing the same things. Our latest IGN First drop shows gameplay of two versions of Red Hood with very different builds.

In the casino slot online video, above, you’ll see game director Geoff Ellenor explaining that using the game’s multiple skill trees will allow players to create a range of playstyles for their chosen superheroes. In this case, Red Hood has been specced in two ways, with a focus on his Marksman and Brawler skill trees respectively.


The casino slot online result is a version of the character who gains bonuses for using his nonlethal pistols at long range, and another built to grapple enemies and bring even the largest foes down with ease. Played together, they can create combo opportunites for the other.

We’ll be diving deeper into how casino slot online Gotham Knights’ skill trees work later this week. For now, you can check out our previous IGN First drops: the first 16 minutes of gameplay, a reveal of 28 different superhero suits, a look at Mr. Freeze and his chosen gang, and a rundown of how this new version of Gotham City was built.

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