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The first casino slot online bonus138 season of Disney+’s Star Wars: Visions included involvement from some of the best Japanese animation studios in the world, but for its second season, the show is looking to go even bigger.

Speaking to Deadline, Executive Producer James Waugh said the next season of Visions will take a more global approach.


“The first casino slot online anthology is anime because we all loved the style of it, but personally my intention for Visions was to always let it be a more broad palette, because there’s so much great animation work going on in the world,” Waugh said. “There’s so many interesting voices in all sorts of other mediums that are really focused on animation right now.”

There’s plenty of precedent for great casino slot online animation coming from all over the world. For example, last year’s smash hit Arcane was developed by French animation studio Fortiche. Beyond the new partnerships with global studios, Waugh said they want those studios to take the ball and run with it, and really decide what Star Wars means to them and their cultures.

“And we really wanted [Visions] to be, in a way, a ‘sub-brand’ that allowed for different casino slot online creators to come celebrate Star Wars from their own unique cultural perspective. And so Visions volume two is sort of a global tour of some of the most interesting animation studios on a global level. We have studios from Africa, Chile, England, Ireland, France, India… and the guiding light there was that we wanted their storytelling to be a reflection of what Star Wars meant in their culture, but also a reflection of the myths and stories that could only come out of their cultural context.”

Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 is coming to Disney+ in Spring 2023. The first casino slot online volume contained nine episodes created by some of the most influential Japanese anime studios, with stories following Jedi, a rock opera, and more.

We were casino slot online fans of the first volume in our Star Wars Visions review, saying, “With breathtaking animation in a wide variety of visual styles, Visions should please both avid anime watchers and casual fans.”

Visions is just one in a handful of upcoming Star Wars series and casino slot online movies. The next show set to release is Andor, which is heading to Disney+ next month.

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