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08 November 2018

This seminar shall contribute to a right-based education in the Arab countries in general but with specific focus to the rights of children with disabilities in countries in conflict and those affected by conflict in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

The regional seminar on Inclusion in Education marks the final important step of the regional project ‘Ensuring inclusion and equity in education”. This regional project, generously funded by the Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Foundation, is part of UNESCO’s efforts to ensure that all learners have equal opportunity for a quality education. The project includes the development of case studies in five countries (Egypt, Morocco, Oman, Palestine and Sudan) and a literature review on key resources available in Arabic on legislation, policies and programmes.

Education is a right to all, it transforms people’s lives, and helps the population of a country and region to expand their abilities to stability through effective participation and integration into the society and contribute to the Goal 4 of the SDG 2030 agenda that seeks to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for ALL.” This seminar will focus on the right of education for all children but with focus on the education of vulnerable children such as those marginalized in the societies due to their socio-economic status, refugee/migrant children, girls and children with disabilities.

While the right to education of marginalized and vulnerable children are often left out of the education equation in peaceful times this right is even forgotten in countries in conflict and affected by conflicts. Thus this makes it an urgent matter to be brought to the forefront of the right-based education. To aid this advocacy UNESCO Office in Beirut, and UNESCO Office in Cairo in collaboration with UNESCO HQ organized this seminar to highlight the need for right-based education for ALL children in the Middle East and North Africa Region and especially the vulnerable and marginalized children in the countries of this region that are in conflict and/or impacted by conflict.

The Regional seminar will build on:

1. Findings on the case studies conducted in Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Oman and Palestine, and findings from the literature review on existing resources in Arabic on inclusive education.
2. Introduction to the concepts of right-based education.
3. Advocacy on the right-base inclusive education techniques.