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29 October 2018

UNESCO, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and UNICEF, organized in October 2018 a one-day workshop to review the final draft of the "National Framework Document for the Regulation and Institutionalization of Alternative Education and its Integration with Formal Education," which was developed by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with UNESCO.

The workshop also discussed the terms of reference of the National Committee for the Development of Programs and Methodology for Working with Out-of-School Children. Some 40 partners and stakeholders participated in the workshop, including senior officials from the Ministry of Education, UNHCR, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) and national NGOs concerned with education. Dr. Said Khorasani, Deputy Minister of Education, presented the national Frame- work Document and the Committee’s work. The participants were then divided into discussion groups to propose amendments and recommendations. They stressed the importance of developing a national qualifications framework that would support the institutionalization of alternative education and ensures access to all out-of-school children in Syria.